Who is God to us? 


  You know in many occasions the Bible says, that Let those who have ears listen to what the spirit says. 

That statement is serous. It’s a warning. 

Wanna share with you guys a conversation I had with a friend he’s reply is always the same for many. 

ME; hey bro, 

HIM; hey bro, 

ME; man can we go to church tomorrow? 

HIM; no man, tomorrow I really have to work.. 

ME; can’t you just spare a day for God, you have been working for the whole week.? 

HIM; Ahh man, I will pray dont worry, I actually normally pray when I go to bed and when I wake up. 

ME; but that’s few time. He wants most of your time, he wants your whole life. 

HIM; ah man I need the money so much, God too sees that. 

ME.; but what about when he decides to take away the life he gave you, will you still be looking for the money? 

HIM; no of course but naawe I will pray. Come on, me I know God in my heart. 

Well hope you can see.. 

It’s as though something has blinded our understanding that we can’t even listen to. Our selves. We know that life comes from God and without it, we can’t do a thing but still we act as though God ain’t the giver of life. If we really understood just that. Then we would give God more time. He’s grace has been so sufficient that we now take him for a fool and when some one dies, our eyes are opened for a while looking at God as Supreme but after a while we get back to being busy. 

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